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Unit A & B, 28 - 32 Main Street, Aughton, Sheffield, S26 3XJ

Tel:  0114 287  9191


Terra clean For Petrol Engine Vehicles:-

A terraclean service will:-

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We are always happy to have a chat with you and create a bespoke solution for your needs. Our friendly team aim to respond to all emails within 24hrs, but if it’s really urgent give us a call. Our team are ready and willing to help.



Unit A & B

28 - 32 Main Street, Aughton

Sheffield, S26 3XJ


Telephone: 0114 287  9191

Email: jpautotechnicsltd@btconnect.com

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Restore fuel economy

Regain vehicle performance

Smooth idle by increasing lambda efficiency

Save on costly repairs by prolonging component life

Give immediate drive-away difference

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Did you know? Only Terraclean will restore your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy by removing carbon deposits from your oxygen sensors and other engine components. Don’t just take our word for it! Terraclean is OEM approved by a leading vehicle manufacturer for use on their vehicles and is recommended by TV’s Edd China.


Carbon deposits are the by-product of combustion inside your engine. This build up will affect the efficiency of your engine and typically result in reduced performance, reduced fuel economy and increased emissions.

Keep Your Car Properly Decarbonised , Emissions Fail on MOT we can clean & M O T test your Vehicle:-

Proper vehicle maintenance should never be overlooked. Keeping your engine properly decarbonised can improve fuel economy by 4 – 15%, however fixing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve your fuel economy by as much as 40%


Fuel Injector - Terraclean will remove the varnish and carbon build-up on the fuel injector tips and restore the spray pattern. It has been shown that a varnish layer as fine as 5 microns within the pintle head can restrict fuel flow through the injector by as much as 25%.


Catalytic Converter - Terraclean has been proven to extend the life of the catalytic converter by removing the carbon deposits from inside.


Combustion Chamber - Terraclean also removes carbon from within the engine’s combustion chamber and on the intake valves, reducing octane requirement and improving idle and drivability.


Oxygen Sensors - Oxygen sensors get dirty over time from the constant bombardment of carbon, soot and chemicals, which shortens their life. When this happens they can send improper or delayed information to the car’s ECU, which alters the engine’s fuel mixture, causing poor fuel economy, poor performance and excess pollution. Terraclean has been proven to clean and extend the life of your oxygen sensors, thereby restoring fuel economy and performance.